Introduction: Fidget Toy 101

A simple toy for thoes of us who like to sit in class or meetings and click a pen or absolutly have to be doing something with their hands. I found a toy online called a torqbar (google it it's awesome) and I thought I need one but I don't have much money so I decided to try and make one. the process took me a total of about three hours but once I figured it out, it could be done in about 15 minutes. this may be the simplest instructables I will ever do.

Step 1: Bearing

I found a bearing from an old notic track, if you know what that is you are old and awesome. any way I took it apart and got two bearings from it I gave one to my little brother and kept one for myself to mess with. the bearing had a good amount of grease on it which had to be cleaned. I cleaned it with some orange degrading solution which can be found at any hardware store or groceries store. once clean I put a few drops of machine oil on it and it spun quite well. the more I mess with it the better it spins.

Step 2: Adding a Finger Hold

All I did for the finger hold was take a Chicago screw and found a washer which could cover the inner piece of the bearing. I then stacked washers on the female end of the screw so it would day relatively centered. pretty simple solution. if there is a better way that anyone knows of please tell me I would love suggestions.

Step 3: Finally

See three steps, easy! Any way the last step was to ad the male end of the Chicago screw and another washer. I tightened it down a such as I could but it has a smooth end so that proved to be sort of difficult. there is a quarter for size reference, but it's still perfect for a picket toy. this will be part of my EDC (every day carry, for thoes who don't know). it was super simple to make and I am pretty happy with it. remember I welcome suggestions so please comment and let me know what you think. I may post a different version if I can find certain parts but for now I'm happy.