Wookie Impression Contest

Introduction: Wookie Impression Contest

If you are looking to annoy the living daylights out of an annoying roommate, sibling, or coworker, then conducting a "Chewbacca Impression Contest" is the way to go. This is a prank meant for the victim to receive multitudes of phone calls from random people who instead of saying anything, just make their best impression of a Wookie.

Step 1: Gather Materials

The materials needed to do this a simple.
-lots of printer paper ( for the posters)
-tape ( to tape the posters to poles)
- 1-2 hours to go around town hanging up posters.

Step 2: The Writing of the Poster

Open up a text document design the poster. The main things needed on the poster are

-the prize amount (not in excess of $30)
-the victims phone number
- the words "Chewbacca Impression Contest"at the top
- an end date for the contest
-the specifications that as soon as the 'judge' ( the victim) answers, only do the impression and then hang up

Anything else can be added if you want to add it

Step 3: Printing

Print as many copies of this poster according to the size of the area of town that you want to put these up at. It is best if these posters are full page.

Step 4: Spreading of the Posters

Spread as many posters as you want around town in various places. The best places to tape the posters are at light poles, local bulletin boards, bus stops, or wherever you will think that lots if people will see the posters. Just make sure that the posters are aloud to be in certain spots that are owned by private owners.

Step 5: Bask

At the end of the time that this prank was meant to go, tell the victim about the prank… or don't. It's your choice. Just make sure the victim doesn't prank you back. The only reason to tell the victim would be to hear the stories of their struggles and even some of the voicemails the victim most likely has.

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    7 years ago

    Haha u should put a number like 1800-my puppy just because


    7 years ago

    Awsome. Just FYI on the Instructables app, the display pic for this still has the phone number visible. Last four 2132. Since you have it blurred on all the others, I figured you didn't intend on that.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    So clever!

    Pretty funny . . . but man, I'd be so mad if I was the target!