Introduction: Woollen Flowers Without Crochet!!!

hi guys!!.. im here with another instructable.Its an easy one!!.. I wanted to do something with wool but i dont know how to crochet.So here is one such craft which doesnt require crochet.
Hope you will like this:)

Step 1: Making Woollen Flowers

Step 2: Step 1

To begin with,you will need wool and a plastic case which forms the base for the flowers.As you can see,there are 2 circles on the case.The inner one forms the base.Firstly tie a knot to the tooth on the outer circumference.And then start winding around the teeth of the inner circle.After making two rounds, a hole will be visible.If you cant see it,then you are making a mistake.

Step 3: Step 2

After making enough rounds, depending on the thickness of the wool, knot the wool to the tooth on the outer circumference..Now you will have to stitch the flower so that it doesnt come off.Once stiiching is done, pull the woollen petals from the teeth and cut knots.
You are done with the woollen flower even without knowing how to crochet!!!
Hope you guys like this:)

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