Wordclock With Lilygo-T-Watch 2020

Introduction: Wordclock With Lilygo-T-Watch 2020

This instructable show you how to display the time in wordclock style on a Liligo T-watch.

But furthermore I tried to implicate more functions using this typical wordclock style. So it is possible to display the date, setting the time and date, change the color of letters and background, switch between english and german version and setting the power management.

This arduino code uses the "TTGO_TWatch_Library-master"-library. You will find this library on https://github.com/Xinyuan-LilyGO/TTGO_TWatch_Library. Please follow the instructions for installing this library first.

Step 1: Requirements


Liliygo® T-Watch 2020


Arduino IDE (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software)


TTGO_TWatch_Library-master (https://github.com/Xinyuan-LilyGO/TTGO_TWatch_Library)

Step 2: Installation

Please install the Arduini IDE first. Follow the instructions on


After installing the Arduino IDE you have to install the TTGO T-watch library from


You will find a good documentation on this side, too. This library comes with a lot of drivers and also with some good examples for the T-watch.

Connect the T-watch to one of your USB-ports. Please select the port under „tools“ --> „port“.

For first tries you can load some examples coming up with the library. You will find these examples under „file“ --> “examples“ --> „examples for TTGO-T-watch“ (you have to scroll down in the menu)

NOTE: If you have a problem with connecting the T-watch via USB, e.g. you can‘t choose the port in the arduino IDE because it is in gray color, please look here for more informations and help.


Thanks to „beegee-tokyo“!

I had this problem. After connecting the watch to one of my USB-Ports I couldn’t choose the port in the arduino IDE. The name of the port was gray colored. After installing the „CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers“ everything worked fine.
You will find the driver on


and also on


After installing the Arduino IDE and the library you can download the wordclock-package from GitHub:


Please download the zip-file end extract it in an own folder. Load the file „t-watch_wordclock_V1_0.ino“ into the arduino IDE. By double-click on the file name Arduino will start automatically and the file will be loaded.

In the Arduino IDE choose“ file“ --> „open“ (or STRG+o) and select the file to open.
After the file has been loaded you will find 4 tabs at the top oft he Arduino IDE

the main program of the wordclock

an outsourced part of the program

The file with the used font. This font is a variation of the FreeSans12pt7p.h of ardufruit_GFX included in the T-watch-library.

A file to select the hardware. Please be sure that the line
„#define LILYGO_WATCH_2020_V1 // To use T-Watch2020 , please uncomment this line „ is really uncomment. That means, that the two // at the beginning of the line were deleted.

Now you can upload the code to the watch by clicking „sketch“ --> "upload" or by clicking the symbol with the arrow to the right side

NOTE: Sometimes there’s a problem with the upload. Please switch on the watch by pressing the button on the side of the watch for 2 seconds. Try to upload the sketch again.

After the upload finished you can disconnect the watch from the USB-port. If everything is o.k. the program will start automatically by display a time in a typical wordclock style.

Step 3: Functions

Starting from the main screen – the typical wordclock - you can call different functions by wiping on the display:

Wiping to the left:
One after the other the date, the month and the year are displayed. At the end, the main screen will be displayed again

Wiping to the right:
The status of the battery is displayed. After a few seconds the main screen will be displayed again

Wiping to the bottom:
The menu is displayed. You can choose the different points of the menu by typing the point on the display. If you don’t type anything the main screen will be displayed after a few seconds

Step 4: Menu and Settings

Set time

First of all the actual day will be displayed. By wiping up or down you can increase or decrease the day. When you reached the correct day wipe to the left. The setting for the month appeared. Please set the month – and also the year, hour and minute – as same as the day.

After setting the minute you have to wipe to the left once more. Date and time is now saved. The main screen will be displayed.

Change Color

In this menu you can change the color of the matrix and the background color.

The name of the color of the matrix will be displayed. By wiping down you change the background color. By wiping up you will change the color of the matrix. There are 23 different colors for the matrix and fort he background.

After setting the colors you have to wipe to the left for saving the colors. The main screen will be displayed.

Power Management

There are three possibilities for the power management. By touching the display you can choose the method. After touching the screen the choosed method will be saved and the main screen will be displayed.

Switch off completly

When the main screen is displayed for a few seconds and the display wasn’t touched the watch will be powerd off completly. You can wake up the watch by lifting your wrist or double click. After waking up the watch needs a few seconds before displaying the time. This method requires the least battery power.

Only switch off the display

When the main screen is displayed for a few seconds and the display wasn’t touched the display of the watch will shut off. You can wake up the watch by bringing the watch in a position so that you can read the display. The time will be displayed much faster but this method needs much more battery power.

Don’t switch off the watch

The watch won’t be powerd off – until the battery is empty.


At the moment there are two languages: english and german. Choose one language by typing the language on the display. After touching the screen the choosed language will be saved and the main screen will be displayed.

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7 weeks ago

Hello, very nice script !
But how can i adjust the values for "waitWatchMoved", that the watch reacts with a specified movement ? What is "X/Y/Z" and which values are relevant in which range ?
Or how could i set to wake the clock up ONLY with the button ?
Or wake it up with a specified swipe ?


7 months ago

I'm having the same problem with the adafruit library and then the calcMatrix.c llibrary. I change the adafurit to match mine Adafruit_GFX and i change the calcMatrix.c to FreeSans12ptWordclock.h. I'm getting nothing but errors trying to compile this Can someone please help me?


7 months ago

Very nice watch. You have to have ideas and be able to implement them. If you then share it with other users ... just thank you.
Now after a little over 24 hours I can say that it is still working. The sleep function is great.


7 months ago

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for creating this project it helped me a lot with my first project.
Please remove the "#include <adafruit_gfx.h> line as it stops the compilation and is not needed.


Tip 9 months ago on Step 2

moin moin,

using the Arduino IDE I had to delete the <adafruit_gtx> include and change
#include"FreeSans12ptWordClock.h" to #include"FreeSans12ptWordclock.h" (lowcap clock).

using platform.io I had to move the setLangMatrix def to be defined before void setup(), otherwise it would not be compiled,

otherwise very nice!

1 year ago

Very nice!