Introduction: Simple Work Desk From Scrap Wood

1. Cut the pieces - I used 2x1.5 construction site woods logs for this.

a- 3x22 inches parts - the hold the front and back of the construction.

b- 2x53 inches parts - the main desk section that will hold the glass or board (depending on taste).

c- 2x53 inches parts - the angled sections that hold the desk section.

d- 2x45 inches parts - the rear section of vertical joints.

e- 2x22 inches parts - hold the vertical construction together.

f- 2x9 inches parts - hold the top section of vertical construction together.

2. Other items needed:

- 4x4 inches bolts.

- 20x4 inches wood screws.

- Saw to cut the parts. I used a handsaw for this one. Infact I used only a ratchet, handsaw, power drill for this build.

- Marker to mark to drill, merge, etc.


this is my first instructable and in all honesty, been sleeping on this for the last 3 months. This may not be as complete or detailed as others. However, I am available to get inputs and possibly exchange ideas to improve my future posts.

Step 1:

Steps: Total build time - 2.5 hours

1. Add 1 inch L clamps to the edges of the 'a'.

2. Drill a hold about 32-35 inches on 'c'. We will also drill holes on 2 parts of 'a'. I have not measured this part, but I used a short cut - first screwed the rear section to 'd' at about 33 inches at 90 degrees and use the free hanging section to id the effective placement for the drill hole. (not exactly scientific, so serious carpenters please excuse). Also, laid the build flat on the floor to get an idea of possible joint locations. Btw, in order to mark the exact center, I made the overlapping log as a template and marked diagonals (refer 3d pic with visible diagonals) and drilled for the bolts. Repeat the same for the other end. You should have 2 such completed pieces.

3. Add and bolt down 'c' and 'd' using a 4 inch bolt. So the final section will look like a right angle triangle (2 complete sections) 3. Now, screw the free standing ends of 'a' to 'b' and complete the main desk section. Dont forget to add the third piece of 'a' to the center to maintain consistency and weight distribution.

4. Obviously, the full construction will be a bit fluid as the control sections have not yet been added. Please add the sections 'e' and 'f' to the triangular sections (bottom and top). I did this at the last to compensate for any angle discrepancies seeming to cause one side higher than the other (didnt happen this way, but was being safe).

The final desk will look like picture 4.

You can add glass to the top to make it look fancy and budget focused builders can use sheet wood to over the desk. Your desk section should measure 53x25 inches. Why you may ask... section 'b' is 22 inches, however it is screwed onto section 'a' which is 1.5 inches wide. Add them up, the breadth of the top section will be 25 (22+1.5+1.5) inches.

As of this point, I have spent a total of 15 USD (approx) without the glass.

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