Introduction: Workout to Do at Home

This Instructable covers the basic exercises to have a good workout at home. This is a workout almost anyone can do.


10-25 pound weights (not necessary)

Water Bottle

Tennis Shoes

Treadmill (if you have one)

Step 1: Warmup

It is now time for your warmup.

Step One: Go for a slow jog. It does not have to be far, just enough to get the blood moving through your body.

Step Two: Stretch your muscles. Make sure you stretch long enough to get your muscles loosened up. It is better to stretch for a long time and be fully loosened up then to stretch for only a little bit and end up hurting yourself later on. There are lots of different stretches you can do to get warmed up.

Step Three: Get ready for the workout!

Step 2: Time for Your Workout!

It does not exactly matter what order you do these workouts in.

1. 20 push-ups

2.50 sit-ups. You can use a medicine ball with your sit-ups.

3. 20 squats. You can use your weights if you have them on the squats,

4. 30 mountain climbers/grasshoppers. For those of you that are unfamiliar with mountain climbers/grasshoppers, it is when you are in push-up position, and then you bring one of your knees to your chest and back down to push up position when you get back into push-up position, your other knee does the same thing. Each of those are called mountain-climbers/grasshoppers.

5. 45-second plank

6. 1 minute wall sit.


Step 3: Cool Down

Congratulations! You completed the workout! Now it is time for the cool down.

Step one: Stretch for five minutes.

Step two: Go for a nice slow jog to cool down.

Step three: Rehydrate.

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