Workshop Wire Tidy

Introduction: Workshop Wire Tidy

Those boxes of wires in your workshop / cave, they just seem to mount up and up until you can't find anything without having to spread 20 minutes fighting in a bird's nest!

This is my solution to it...

Step 1: Make It Worse Before It Gets Better...

First thing to do, empty all the boxes of wire onto a table, that is clean and clear of clutter.

This gives you an area that you can sort the good from the bad, and start the basic sizing of the wires.

Step 2: Now It Gets Better...

Containers are an expensive item, a cheaper way would be to eat a LOT of takeaway and use the empty containers...


Why not just get the containers from where they buy them, I use Amazon and buy them 50 at a time HERE .

As can be seen in the picture above, with them being transparent, it's easy to know what you have in each container. Which also means it's easier to find where you should put things instead of in a plain old box that you look at frequently knowing that you need to tidy before too long.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You can just put wires in bags too. Bags are both cheap, free even, and they also compress down, so you are not storing so much air.