Introduction: World Map Clock Diy Decoration Kit

I am going to demonstrate diy world map that you can easily decorate kitchen wall or some empty spaces.

Step 1: World Map Diy Wall Clock Decoration

You will have World pieces and 3 wall clocks to see the time at once.

What I like about this wall decor is that it's not a thin Vinyl sticker.

Step 2: Wall Clock Diy Decoration World Map

Wooden World Map is like puzzle pieces like this and has sticker on the rear to place them on the wall, but clocks are heavier than the pieces, therefore nailing should be done for 3 clocks.

Step 3: Wall Clock Decoration (World Map)

This is my empty spaces on the wall in my kitchen where I will start putting on wooden wall map. I wanted to use this space to decorate w/ Wall Clocks

Step 4: Diy World Map W/ Clocks

This is how the back pieces look like. Just tear off the thin tip and you will be able to stick them on the wall easily

Step 5: Wooden Wall Clock Diy World Map

You can put them with the sticker, but I wanted to use glue gun at home to make it more permantent

Step 6: Wooden World Map Wall Decoration Assembles (Clocks)

Nails are on the wooden pieces. Just put them on the wall first then hang all 3 black clocks. Clocks are slient without Second Needles

Step 7: World Clocks and Wall Map Is in My House

All done, Takes about 30~45min to finish setting the Big World on my kitchen wall

Looks Modern and Clean :)

The World is like a book. If you do not travel, you read only one page. ST. Augustine.