Introduction: World's Best Paper Airplane (The Eagle Eye)

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I threw hard with the anticipation of watching the plane I found online fly with the grace of a swan. I then watched as it flew an amazing two feet before plowing into the carpet headfirst. It was at that moment that I decided to make the world right. I looked up every single airplane I could and created so many that my fingers were about to fall off until I realized that i would have to take matters into my own hands. I combined the best of some of the greatest planes into one. That's when the Eagle Eye was born. The reason this is called the Worlds Best Paper Airplane is not just because it flies far and fast but because even if you fold paper like a blind bear, it still flies great.
Though I tried my hardest to make my first Instructable as easy as possible, I didn't add the diagrams because I have heard of others getting in trouble for creating instructables with diagrams instead of pictures.
The full instructions (with diagrams and more details) are available here

Step 1: Fold Hotdog Style

1. Lay your paper flat on a hard surface and fold the paper in half like a hotdog. If you need help with this maybe you shouldn't be here.

Step 2: Fold the Top Corners

2. Fold the top corners to the middle crease

Step 3: Fold the Corners Again

3. Fold the corners again to the middle crease kind of like if you were making Dart. Try to make them as perfectly even as possible.

Step 4: Fold the Top Point Down

4. Fold the top point down to the end of where the sides you just folded meet.

Step 5: Fold the Corners

5. Fold the corners down to the middle crease. This step may require a bit of force to get the corners to stay in place.

Step 6: Fold the Point Up to the Tip

6. Fold the point or "beak" up to the tip of the plane. This will make the corners you folded in step five stay down and also make the plane have more momentum when thrown. Not to mention it makes it look cool ;)

Step 7: Reverse Te Hotdog Fold

7. Fold back along the middle crease so that the sides are touching. Basically reverse the fold you did in step 1.

Step 8: Make the Wings

8. Fold the left wing to the bottom edge of the plane and crease. Turn the plane over and repeat with the right wing.

Step 9: You're Done!!!

Congratulations!!! You have created the best paper airplane in the world!!! Just adjust the wings until they create a perpendicular line from the base when you view it from the back and fly!

How To Use:

Hold the plane at its center of balance with your thumb and forefinger. Throw hard while putting as much momentum in the front as you can. Curve the back tips of the wings if necessary to give more lift.