Introduction: World's Easiest 2-Ingredient BBQ Ribs

With just two ingredients and almost no work on your part you can have a heap of delicious, tender barbecued ribs that everyone will love. This super-simple recipe is mostly dump-and-go and the cleanup afterward is easy. Enjoy!

Step 1: Tools & Ingredients


Country-Style Ribs (this type of ribs comes in separate ribs so you don't have to cut them apart and they're delightfully meaty)

BBQ Sauce

  • 4-Quart Slow Cooker: 4 lbs ribs & two 18-oz bottles BBQ sauce
  • 6-Quart Slow Cooker: 6 lbs ribs & three 18-oz bottles BBQ sauce


Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker Liner

Small Rubber Band


Step 2: Put Liner in Slow Cooker

Open slow cooker liner bag and line slow cooker with it.

Step 3: Dump in Ingredients

Dump in ribs, then dump barbecue sauce on top to completely cover the ribs. (no mixing is needed)

Step 4: Turn on Slow Cooker

Cook for 8 hours on low.

Step 5: Remove Ribs & Discard Bag

With tongs, remove ribs and place in serving dish.

Grab edges of bag, twist to seal contents in, tie fast with rubber band or twist tie and discard bag. Slow cooker crock will just have a little easy to clean residue within that your dishwasher can take care of.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Ribs!

Eat up! Very delicious!

Note: My 4-quart slow cooker runs hotter than most (according to Amazon reviews) so the ribs fell apart more than they would in most slow cookers. In my 6-quart slow cooker, the ribs stay together much more.

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