Introduction: Worlds Simplest Electrical Universal Calender.

I have made an electrical calendar which is very useful and very easy to make it yourself as it do not involve any programing,micro controller and its electric consumption is very low.

The input to this calendar is date and it will tell the day on that date.


  • A square of wood.
  • 7 LEDs.
  • 1 9v battery.
  • Wires.
  • 49 small nails
  • Tape.


  • hammer

Step 1: Modifiying the Square of Wood

Hammer 49 nails in to the wood piece such that you have created 7*7 nail matrix.every nail should have same distance to its nabouring nail.You will understand the theory after watching the image given below. And keep in mind that you should leave some area on top and left.

Step 2: Connection.

Just follow the given picture. ( I am really sorry for bad systematic ).

Step 3: Ending.

Just bring this project to an end.cover the wood with paper.but the nail should be out of the paper so they can by touched by the negative wire of all 7 LED with name of seven day and also write counting on it as shown.The first LED should be labelled as Sunday.The second LED should be labelled as Monday and so on.Then name all the rows in this way.


TO get the day on a certain date on a certain month best choice.To make it work see the column in which your date is and then see the row on which your month is then find the intersecting nail and connect the negative wire of your battery to of 7 Led will be lit up.that is the day in your month on your date.


This will only work in 2017.but to use it in 2018 just move every set of month to next row.In the case of leap year rotate 2 times.

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