Introduction: Worlds Smallest Power Supply !

About: Ideas Into Reality !

Have you ever wanted tiny sized power supply that still pack lots of power, here's world's smallest power supply you can make under 6$ !!! Following Features will impress you that's for sure so why not make one ?

# Features

1. 3-25v Adjustable Voltage Output

2. Built in 720mAh Battery Backup

3. 2 Amp Max Current

4. Built in Live LED Voltmeter

5. Built in Voltmeter For Quick Measurement

6. In Built 3.7v Battery Charger

Step 1: Applications

1. Power Supply (OTG) on the go !

2. Measure voltage with it.

3. Do the Job of Many Power supplies 3v, 5v,9v,12v,19v,24v...

4. Charge 3.7v Batteries on the go.

Step 2: You Will Need

★☆★ Buy Parts from your online local store ★☆★

1. 3.7v Li-po Battery

2. TP4056 Lithium Battery Charger

3. Micro Usb 2A 25v Step Up Converter

4. LED Voltmeter

Step 3: Watch Full Tutorial

Watch Full Tutorial Here

Step 4: Making PCB's Compact

LED Voltmeter and Dc-Dc Converter has few leads which may puncture the battery and take up lot of extra space, so use dremel tool or sand paper to make these pcb's flat at the bottom so that battery can be effectively installed here

Or Yo can use flathead pcb wire cutter to do this job , just don't apply too much force otherwise pcb tracks will be damaged.

Step 5: Make the Connections

Make The connections As Showed In This Block Diagram.

1. Connect the tp4056 board to the battery

2. Connect the negative terminal of the battery to the dc-dc converter

3. Connect switch between positive terminal of the battery and dc-dc converter

4. Connect LED Voltmeter at the output of dc-dc converter

Step 6: Stick Togather !

Well Done Your Connections are finished !

Now Stick all the parts togather in a compact form factor as i've done in this picture.

If you like this instructibles ,then check out my Youtube Channel .

Step 7: Some Extra Safety Tips

1. As you are dealing with li-po battery's , make sure not to puncture,smash,tear or casue any kind of damage to the battery it may cause fire hazard. Do it at your own risks.

2. Don't try to measure voltage grater than 24v with this power supply's voltmeter It can damage the dc-dc converter.

3. If you connect any inductive load ,there is chance of causing damage to dc-dc converter , so connect diode at the output. diode will drop 0.7v but save your power supply.