Introduction: Woven Paper Bracelet

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This is a super fun project to make and you only need paper, no glue or any other fancy tools or materials.

Step 1: Video

If you wish to see how I made the bracelet, I invite you to watch this video.

Step 2: Cut

Cut strips of paper measuring 4 1/4" x 1"

Step 3: Fold

Fold your strips length-ways. I used around 22 strips (11 of each pattern).

Then fold the strips in half.

Step 4: Start

Start with one strip of each pattern.

Pass a strip over the other to form a T. The left side will be shorter and look like a loop. The loop should be big enough to fit another strip through it.

Step 5: Fold & Secure

Fold the ends of the inner strip outwards and down, then over the outer strip.

Secure the ends with a clothes peg.

Step 6: Fold & Tuck

Take another strip and pass it through the loop you've created.

With the loop on the left-hand side, fold the ends from the right-hand side outwards and down, then over the other strip.

Tuck the ends underneath the previous strip.

Step 7: Tip

After passing the strip through the loop insert the next strip through the last loop you've created. This way you'll always be one step ahead and you'll make sure the loop is wide enough.

Be careful not to make the loop too tight as it will be more difficult to tuck the ends.

Step 8: Repeat

Repeat the process until the bracelet is long enough.

Step 9: Finish

To close the bracelet pass the ends of the first strip through the last loop.

Fold and tuck the ends (the same way you did with the other strips).

Step 10: Wear It

So there you have it, a super fun bracelet.

You can use any paper you want (I would recommend a good quality paper), any patterns you like and you can even add a waterproof film (like Mod Podge or Decopatch glue). Have fun with it!

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