Introduction: Wrap Earbuds to Avoid Tangling

This instructable will teach you how to wrap your headphones to avoid tangling.

Step 1: Make the L

The end with the connector  should hang off the bottom of your palm with your little, ring and middle fingers over the wire. Use your thumb and index finger to make the "L" shape.

Step 2: Make the Figure 8

Wrap the wire partly around the index finger and over the the thumb. Wrap the wire partly around the thumb and back to the index finger. Making a figure 8.
Keep wrapping until you reach the ear buds.

Step 3: Remove From Fingers

Pinch the wires in the middle of the figure 8 and gently wiggle the wires off your thumb and index finger.

Step 4: Wrap End With Connector

Take the end with the connector (the part of the wire that was hanging off our palm from step 1) and wrap it around the 8. If you left enough wire, you should be able to wrap the end with the connector around the figure 8 at least twice.

Step 5: Thread Connector

Finally, take the connector and insert it into the top loop.