Introduction: Wristizer

Hi, I am Eugenio Trevino and I am a student from ASFM from Monterrey Mexico. During this pandemic in Mexico, we have suffered a lot and the causes have increased as time goes by. I decided to grab a wristband with hand sanitizer in order to make yourself be safe during this pandemic and not have problems.

The materials that you need are a: Wristband with a length of 3 centimeters, tape(hot glue, etc), and a small box in order to place your hand sanitizer. The wristband can be both in amazon, it is whichever wristband but with a length of 3 cm in order to make the box be fit for it and be able to put it on without getting out of the wristband.

Step 1: Step 2: Hand Sanitzer

After you have all of the materials you have to place hand sanitizer in the box in order to be able to take it to all places without dripping. This will lead to be able just to paste it to the wrist band and take it to whatever place you want.

Step 2: Step 3:Final

At last with pasting the box to the wristband will lead you to have a great wristband to carry at al moments without no problem leading them to utilize them at the moment you want without having any problem and without disturbing your hand as it is small and it is a very comfortable wristband that won't itch you at any problem and will carry around with your safety kit.