Introduction: Wrong Size Wrench? No Problem!

I am notoriously bad at selecting the right size wrench, and sometimes it comes back to bite me. I was recently shown this trick by a buddy of mine, and it is a lifesaver!

*Note: while this is a very useful tip, I would not recommend using it in every situation. In some cases (like if you're working on your bike or car) it's better to make the trip to the store to buy the correct tool.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Hand Tools Only Contest!

Step 1: What You Need:

- A wrench that's too big, but is as close to the correct size as possible

- An assortment of coins

Step 2: The Trick

- Use a coin, or combination of coins, to fill the gap between the nut or bolt and the too-large wrench.

- Try different combinations of coins to make the wrench as snug to the nut or bolt as possible, since the better the fit is the less likely the wrench is to slip off. This is essential for removing tighter nuts and bolts.

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