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X-Rays are so cool and perfect for a Halloween decoration. You don't need to get your head examined in order to make this awesome decoration, you just need a pack of x-ray acetate paper (I found a pack at the craft store for around $8, they have other bones and bugs in the pack too).

A cardboard box as the frame and some LEDs to back light it and that's basically what makes up this decoration.

For any X-Ray Techs out there, please excuse my ignorance if any terminology is way off. >.<

Cost of materials: Less than $20.

Time: 2 Hours

Step 1: Materials

Items you will need:

Flat card board box with lid

Halloween X-Ray acetate Sheets (I purchased mine at Michael's)

Hot Glue

Hot Glue Gun

White Gel Pen

Black Gel Pen

Scotch Tape

Aluminum Foil

Exacto Knife

String of battery powered LED lights ($5 or less)

3 AA Batteries

Packing Tape

1 Sheet Vellum Paper (or at least enough to cover your lid)

Black Acrylic Paint

Gold or Silver Acrylic Paint

Step 2: Prepping the Box

I found a box that was just perfect to fit the x-ray sheets. I measured 1/2" inward and marked where I was going to remove the middle section.

Use an Exacto knife to CAREFULLY cut your marked square. You can discard the middle cardboard or keep for a project on another day.

With hot glue trace the inised edge of your lid where you had cut out the middle section of card board. It will give it an uneven border and kind of make it look creepier. You can omit that if you want.

Draw lines of hot glue, starting in towards the center of the lid edge and move outward. These will end up looking like seams in metal. Add dots of hot glue that will end up looking like rivets.

Paint the outside of the lid and the box black. Let dry.

Step 3: Prepping the X Ray Films

While your black paint is drying you can add markings to your X ray films. I labeled my patient's name on the film, "Rhee, J." You can add an object into bone as to a reason as to why Mr. Rhee had to get an X-ray in the first place. Looks like he got a screw in his head some how.

You can add "L" for "Left" and "R" for "Right" on the screens. I did all the drawing with gel pens (let them set for a few minutes after using because they will smudge).

I also cut out white paper tabs to add later to point out where the injury is (but here, it's pretty obvious).

Step 4: Making Texture Stand Out

Now that your black paint is dry, you can take a paper towel and dab on gold paint. Rub it as well and it's okay if the paint does not saturate the paper towel. You want it to be a rubbed on look. Don't worry about making it perfect. This will make those hot glue "seams" and "rivets" really pop.

Step 5: Lighting It Up

Add a layer of aluminum foil to the inside of your box and secure with scotch tape.

Make a small hole on one edge of your box and feed in a strand of LED string lighting. tape the lighting around the inside perimeter of the box. Add your 3 AA Batteries and test out the lighting. You can then secure the battery pack to the back of box (I recommend velcroing it on) I used packing tape which in hindsight was sloppy.

Step 6: Setting Up the Screen

Start by laying your films inside the lid. Lay it where you're read it backwards.

Secure with tape but be careful to keep the tape from going past the edge of the lid frame.

Add a sheet of vellum paper behind the film. This will help to diffuse the light.

I then glued my little white paper markers at this point as well.

Step 7: Light It Up

Flip the switch on the battery pack and enjoy your awesome Halloween decoration. After Halloween you can use it as a nightlight or a cool desk accessory.

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