Introduction: X-Wing and Tie Fighter Car Mash Up

This is a tutorial of where I show you how to combine two star wars vehicles and two real life cars.

You will make a smart car Tie fighter, and a mustang x-wing.

Step 1: Making the Tires

Create the Tire out of a sphere or other object.

Step 2: Making the Wheels

Create your wheel using rectangles and a cylinder with any design you want.

Step 3: Finishing the Tires

Combine the two parts and color it the way you like.

Then duplicate the entire thing 8 times.

Step 4: Create the DriveTrain

Connect the four tires using cylinders and other shapes for design.

Step 5: Building You're Car's Body

You can make any car you want out of different shapes.

Use holes and basic shapes to make shapes that you cannot find.

Step 6: Finishing the Car

Connect your drive train to your Car's Body.

Step 7: Make Your Wings

I used rings, triangles, cylinders and more to design my x-wing attachments.

Step 8: Connect Your Attachments and Boosters to Make Sure You Can Get to Hyperspeed

You can use cones and triangles to design cool Rocket boosters. Make sure all your attachments are even.

Step 9: Finished X-Wing Car

You can add a spoiler more rocket boosters and extra designs to finish your X-Wing car.

Step 10: Building Your Smart Car

This is much simpler and you only need a few shapes.

I used-

-The pre-made wheels

-Multiple Half cylinders

-And a lot of Rectangles

Step 11: Create Your Tie Fighter Attachments

You can use a Polygon and rectangles to create your Tie Fighter Attachments.

Step 12: Finished Smart Car Tie Fighter

Then You duplicate your attachments and attach to smart car.

Step 13: Finished

Now you can add all the Attachments you want.

This is what It should look like finished.

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