Introduction: Air Compressor Bottle Rocket

This is a simple But powerful Bottle Rocket that can go hundreds of feet in the air.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need

- Cardboard

- Painting supplies

- Water bottle

- Tape

- Hot glue gun


- Air Compressor

- 1 Fitting

- Cut off Hose

Step 2: Connect the Bottle to the PVC

You Have to make sure that your bottle is on the PVC tight so that it doesn't let the air out.

Step 3: Build Your Cone

Use Card stock or Cardboard Too Build your cone.

Make sure you attach weight to the tip.

Step 4: Make Your Fins

Use cardboard to build your fins in any shape you want.

Step 5: Attach Fins and Nose Cone

Use Glue or tape to attach your Fins and Nose Cone.

Step 6: Decorate Your Rocket.

Paint any designs you want on your rocket.

Step 7: Build Launch Mechanism

Connect Fitting and hose to the end of your PVC Pipe.

Step 8: Launch Your Rocket

Connect air compressor hose to your fitting and push the hose in.

Look at the Video to see mine launch.

Add water into your rocket for the smoke affect.

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