Introduction: Eaven Deadlier Blow Dart

this dart is a combination of taggerung's dart and my deadly blowdart in this instructable il show you how to make both and put it together
if you like to have fun,like dangerous things,hate your brother or sister or hate mum and dad youl have to make this dart

i'm not responsible for what you do with this but have fun

Step 1: What You Will Need

a bouble headed pin
a flat headed pin
a highlighter(optional)
a shoelace end with 1/2 an inch of lace
and a cotton bud

Step 2: Blowdart

1: cut 1/3 of the hard bit
2:fluff it up
3:hold in pliers(or just hold)
4/5:push half way in make shure its centered then push it in all the way
6:color it in with the highlighter (optional)

Step 3: Taggerung's Dart

1 cut the end
2 role out the blu tak
3 cut the blu tak in half
4 insert 1 half into each end of the cotton bud
5 insert the blunt end of the flat headed pin
6 smooth off the tak
7 insert the blow dart into the back of taggerung's dart and smooth off the tak