Introduction: XBOX ONE Controller Mount for Kinect

This is a easy build I made to mount my XBOX ONE Kinect on my flat screen TV.  I used the box to the separately sold controller as the mount.

XBOX ONE Controller box ****
X Acto Knife
Duct Tape
Tape Measure

****NOTE - the box needed for build does not come with the XBOX ONE Console.  It is sold separately as your second controller. 

Step 1: BOX

Here is the box.

Step 2: Here Is Where We Are Going to Put It


First step is to tape the box on both sides as shown in pictures.

After you tape it place it on your TV. 
WIth a sharpie draw the dimensions of your TV as the box sits flush against the back of the television on both sides. 
With your Sharpie and tape measure draw the shape of your television.
Cut out shape of the first side and use it as template for the other side.
Once both sides are cut the box should fit securely on the TV.

Step 4: Mounting and Securing

Place the Kinect on the box about a half inch from the edge.  
Drape the chord down the back of the box and tape at the bottom of the mount box. 
You should use use extra measures to secure your Kinect if you can.  I used a twist tie and secured the chord further at the base of the television.