Introduction: XHP70 High Power LED Flashlight - How to Make

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How to make high power led flashlight with xhp70 led and big lens using old broken photo enlarger parts and old pc cooler. The lens is the main part of the build. Diy survival and hunting gear, cheap and simple to make.

Step 1: Parts:

12v XHP70 LED
Condenser Lens

XL4015 DC-DC converter

CPU Cooler

PVC Pipe

On/Off switch

Volt meter

14.8V 18650 battery pack

4s BMS

Step 2: Flashlight Body

Inside the photo enlarger you will find condenser lenses. Remove the lens and attach it to the pvc pipe fitting using silicone. Mine was a perfect fit, no silicone needed.

Cut a 30cm piece of pvc pipe. Make some holes for ventilation. Cut the holes for the on/off switch and volt meter.

Step 3: LED and Wiring

Make some holes in the pc cooler. Add some thermal paste and use screws to attach the led.

I draw a simple diagram, I hope you will understand the wiring

The led and cpu fan need 12v. I used xl4015 DC-DC buck converter to convert the 14.8 volt from the battery pack to 12v.

I used a 4s 14.8v 18650 battery pack with 4s Bms to power the flashlight.

The volt meter is used to check the battery voltage.

Step 4: Done

It is a very powerful flashlight, cheap and easy to make. It has the advantage of a large battery. Also it can be used for a long period of time because of the large cooler.

I hope it will help you!

Please comment if you have any question.

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