Introduction: XMas Decoration in a Dome

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Last Christmas I visited a very fancy decoration store and they had big and little glass vases full of Christmas baubles. I then knew I had to try it with my dome and starry lights! You can adapt this idea to the things you have at home and give a whole new look to your old baubles.

Step 1: Gather All the Necessary Things

Big candle holder with dome

Starry string lights (with batteries)

Different size of gold Christmas baubles

Different size of red Christmas baubles

Fake mistletoe

Step 2: Lights

Turn the dome upside down and hold it securely or ask someone to hold it for you.

Place the string lights inside the dome distributing them all around it. Keep the battery box outside the dome.

Step 3: Baubles

Put the baubles inside the dome mixing colors and sizes. I used 11 but it may vary according to your dome. Put the mistletoe inside making sure the baubles don't cover it.

Step 4: Cover and Turn

Place the battery box on top of all your baubles.

Put the candle holder upside down covering the dome holding both very tight. Turn it around to make the dome be on top of the candle holder and place it wherever you want.

Step 5: Sparkle

When you're not using the light turn it off very carefully by opening the dome a little bit to uncover just the battery box.

It looks beautiful, don't you think?

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