I am not mechanic neither my father and brother. Mostly beacuse of that I call this extream restoring.

My father and I bought this Torpedo tractor for the price of iron weight. It was left as iron waste outside on sun,rain,wind and snow for almost 25 years.

It is 4WD drive, powered by 75 Hp diesel engine with air cooling system.

But it was all broken, rusty and useles.

This was 6-8 months active work restoring proces, all done at home.

All work I did with help of my father and brother.

Cabin is also restored and it is like new, but it is curently separated from tractor.

Step 1: Power Tools Used During Restoring Proces (and Didnt Die ;-) )

Only power tools I used are tools on pictures, including my hands ;).

This small (not profesional) tools survived restoring proces, sometimes working more than 10 hours for day.

BOSCH small angle grinder, ISKRA small drill, CMI sander, and my homemade air compressor (for preasure washing, cleaning dust and painting).

Step 2: Separating All, Cleaning, Unscrewing Every Single Screw and Separate All That Can Be Separated

Hardest part! Shortly said: suffer, suffer and alot of suffer!

Everyone knows that who was unscrewing 1 hard rusty screw. Well, I did it with every single 1 on this tractor. Many screws near engine and hydraulic was covered with hardened mud mixed with oil, so separating and cleaning must go step by step.

For cleaning mud I used knife and big screwdriver, than diesel fuel and brush to clean it as well.

At the finish of cleaning, before grinding and sanding rust and old paint, I used my air compressor to clean every part and screw with nitro thinner to make sure there is no oil left.

Engine, gearbox and hydraulic just like everything ellse needed restoration. But I am going to skip that part, story is alredy too long.

Step 3: Grinding, Sanding, Cleaning, Painting

Before painting all rust and old paint need to be removed. There are some parts shown on photos, but whole tractor was in very bad condition, so I had sand every milimeter of survace on every part of tractor to make sure there is no rust or old paint left. I dont have sand blaster so I did all that with little power tools and with sand paper on parts where tools couldnt reach.

After sanding is done I cleaned all dust with air compressor. Than I spraipaint all with antirust liquid, to make sure there will no rust left. Than I wash it with nitro thinner to make sure everything is clean, dry, and dust and oil free and ready for paint.

I painted every part with primer, and left it to dry completely. After that i covered scratches on fine surfaces with primer kit and sand it with fine water sanding paper. Than I painted every part it with 2 layers of finishing 2K paint. For wheels I used aluminum gray, for black parts I used Deep black and for green parts I used colour named Kawasaki Green.

Step 4: Assembling and Putting Together

Many parts was useless and I need to buy used or new (if it could be find on market). But some parts was imposible to find to buy so I made it at home. Also some parts I had to order from metal turning store, beacuse I dont have lathe.

Broken plastic part I make by molding poliester fiberglass.

It was hard to remember where every part go, and I find out that best way is to take photo when taking apart everything. I had luck to find online user manual for this tractor, but photos I shoot was also very useful.

Step 5: All Done! I Hope You Like It :). Please Vote for My Project

All parts are putted together and works perfectly. Cabin is also completley restored, but it is curently separated from tractor beacuse of specific work in tight space... Restored engine started, test drive was successful and its ready for work. :)

I hope you like.

If anyone need help and have any questions about restoring, feel free to ask me. I will be glad to help and share my expirience.

Please vote for my project.

Thank you! :)

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