Introduction: Easy Way to Fix Window

I have problem with window in my bathroom. I am not sure is it problem with man who instaled it and did not set angle as well, or window wasn't made as well. Angle mistake is very small, but when I open it wide, window close itself to the half.

Step 1: Problem

You can see on the photos in what position window stay when it is opened. That freaking me out every day. Also in place where I live is very windy all over the year, and sometimes when I open the door of my bathroom wind slap window very hard.

Step 2: Solution

I find out that easiest way to fix it is to use small magnets. I measured point where window touch wall when its opened and mark it. Magnets are black so I put it on the wall beacuse of estetic. I wix it to the wall with some electric tape to stay in position until universal glue is dry. On the window i put small metal on the place where it will touch magnet. I fix it with elecrtic tape and glue, the same way I did with magnets.

Step 3: Done :)

When glue is completley dry, remove electric tape and its all done. When I open window it stay in wide opened position even when it's windy outside.
P.S. I am not sure what glue is best but this universal glue worked just fine.


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