Introduction: Xarcade Trackball Install Walk Through

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Here is a quick video and walkthrough of how I Installed a Xarcade trackball Into my custom made arcade control panel.

I looked around online everywhere and never could find any install information except for some basic measurements from xarcade.

I hope this helps anyone looking to do an install.

Step 1: Parts / Tools

Step 2: Left Jumping Ahead

At the start of this project you should have found the center of you track ball location.

Step 3: Step One

Drill a guild / Locating hole from the top.

Step 4: Step Two

Measure a 6x6 inch square

Set up your router to "LEAVE" 1/4 inch of material on top. For me this was 3/4 inch plywood and I needed to remove 1/2 inch of material.

Step 5: Step Three

Attach the Milescraft circle jig.

Set the jig at 2 7/8 inch

Step 6: Step Four

Using the Jig and my Ridgid cordless router it left me with a perfect circle.

Step 7: Step Five

Test Fit

Step 8: Step Six

Flip the board over with the trackball still installed.

From the back mark the four mounting holes.

Drill small Pilot holes from the bottom.

Flip back over and drill the size appropriate holes for the supplied bolts an your finished.

Step 9: Bonus

Install your control board and you are set!

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