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Introduction: Xbox 360 Case Clock

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Do you have an dead Phat Xbox 360 laying around? I'm not talking RROD or something fixable. I mean written off broken burned dead etc. Well Since I repair Xbox 360's I happened to have a couple of dead units around and came up with a bit of a creative idea. The Xbox 360 Case Clock. 

Step 1: Tools and Supplies Required

You really don't need much for this project. 
1. Box cutter with a fresh blade 
2. Side Cutters 
3. Needle nose Pliers 
4. Ruler or other measuring device 
5. Marker 
6. Top case of an Xbox 360 
7. Another Clock you don't mind taking apart. (or a new clock movement kit)
8. Drill with bit the size required by your clock movement. 
9. Random hardware (washers etc)

Step 2: Remove the Front of the Xbox 360 Case

This is the step you need the fresh blade in the box cutter for. Cut straight across the front of the Case as deep as you can. This makes a break line for you to use the pliers and back the face/front off piece by piece. Mine didn't break off completely clean so I had to use the box cutter to clean up the edge. Also there is some support structure behind the face that makes it harder to remove. Cut that support structure with the side cutters. 

Step 3: Measure, Mark and Dril

Take your time on this part. Measure Twice and drill once otherwise this will look off centered. My Xbox 360 Case is 29.5 Cm Wide and 22 Cm Tall this makes the center point at 14.75 Cm x 11 Cm. If you haven't already removed the tin from the underside of the case do so before you drill. Its just a couple of melted tabs that hold it in place just use some of your DIY Muscle and pull that bad-boy piece of tin off.  Make a Drill mark at the 14.75 Cm x 11 Cm point and bust out your drill. 

Step 4: Prepair Your Clock Movement

This Step really means take apart your old clock without breaking the clock movement. If you bought a new movement you can skip this step. My old Movement hands were bronze in color, I painted them black. 

Make sure you have the movement, Hour, Minute, and Second hands and any other hardware used to hold the movement in place. 

Step 5: Install the Clock Movement

This step is installing the movement into the case. Its fairly simple. You'll need to use a couple of washers because of a "lump" on the underside of the of the Xbox 360 case, also you will need to cut away the support structure as seen in the first photo on this step. 

Step 6: Final Notes / Thoughts

Final Thoughts:

This is like a blank canvas for a clock. You can leave it super plain like I did on my own currently. Or you could add a photo, interesting numbers, anything. This project leaves it open for plenty of interesting and creative ideas while reusing two old pieces of broken or unused electronics. 

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