Introduction: Xbox Controller Jewel Mod

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This instructable will take you step-by-step on how to customize your jewel on the ORIGINAL Xbox controller. Sorry the images are of quite bad quality but it's the only camera I have. This is my first instructable so I hope it helps. I couldn't find how to do this on the internet so I just figured it out myself. There is another way to do this, but this is the way to do it WITHOUT disassembling your controller.
Soon I will post how to do it the other way. Hope this helps!

Step 1: Materials Needed...

This is what you need for this method:
1 Flat head screwdriver
2 Original Xbox controller
3 Printer (unless you plan on drawing your own)
4 Some kind of image editing program (Photoshop, The Gimp ect.)
This is optional, it all depends on the method you plan on using to actually make your jewel image. And if you just plan on getting an image and not altering it in anyway this is optional too.Though, this will be included in the tutorial.
5 Scissors

Step 2: Getting the Cover Off Your Controller.

Okay now you need your flathead screwdriver. Pick on spot on the perimeter of the jewel casing. Now you need to stick with this spot. Stick the screwdriver into the edge and move it back and forth while digging into the spot you picked. This will leave an indent in the perimeter so that you take this off easily whenever you want to change it. If you don't want this on your controller than wait until I submit the other method :D
Now this takes patience. After a while it will start you pop out, but keep going, don't try to take it off until you have most of it loose because you risk cracking it.

Step 3: Logo

Now you'll have two pieces, the clear plastic casing, and the thin cardboard pog with the Xbox logo. image Save this piece as you will need to size the image with it.
Now it's time to pic your logo! I used my profile image from my FallenSword account for my jewel. image

Open the image you want in the image editor if you want to edit it or just some kind of image previewer. Now you can put the clear plastic casing up to the screen and level it to see which part of the image you want so that you can resize it if needed.

Now you can print it out. Once you have it down on a piece of paper, you will need to size it and cut it out. Take the cardboard pog and put it over the part of the image you plan to cut out. Now with a pen or pencil draw an outline around this spot. image

Cut the image out carerfully so now it should be the same shape as the original logo in their.

Step 4: Placing the Logo and Finalizing.

Okay now you need to place your image into the jewel space. Take the clear plastic casing and place it back over your image, youll need to make sure it fits in right. The small thing on the bottom should fit into the hole. Now press down on the casing.
Take your screwdriver and push down on all the flatsides of the casing to fit it in nicely. You should now be able to bump the controller head first onto your hand without it popping out.


You should now have your custom logo in and you have a customized jewel in your Xbox controller! Congratulations! You've finished.