Introduction: Xbox One Game Simple Storage Box

Simple easy to make nothing fancy box that can store a large amount of Xbox one games

in mine a managed to fit Xbox 360 games as well

Step 1: Step 1: Cut Wood to Correct Size

Cut four pieces of wood to this measurement

600 x 90mm x 8mm

Cut an additional two pieces to this measurement

190mm x 90mm x 8mm

Step 2: Step 2: Cut Finger Joints

on the two pieces of short sides cut and leave one finger on both ends and on two of thelong sides cut out the center of the end leaving two fingers with a gap in the middle

Step 3: Step 3: Glue Short Side to Long Side

Attach the finger joints on the short side and the long side then put glue in joints to make it a stronger joint then get two clamps and two pieces of scrap wood and place as shown in the picture once completed it should look like an out of proportion "L"

do this one at a time using one short side and one long side in this process once completed copy the procces with the other short and long sides

Step 4: Step 4: Glue L Shapes Together

Attach the to L shapes to form a rectangle repeat the last step with the two remaining corners

Step 5: Step 5: Make the Base

after you have glued the L shapes to form a rectangle set a side to dry

Now get the two Remaining pieces of 600mm x 120mm x 9mm and glue them together flat side by side

Step 6: Step 6: Glue Base to Rectangle

glue the base to the bottom of the rectangle

Note: Before Gluing make sure the Xbox One game case can fit inside the Rectangle

Step 7: Final Step: Enjoy!

Stack your Xbox One games in Your completed Box You wont need anymore Massive Draws