Introduction: Xbox One Controller - Thumbstick Fix Without Replacing the Module

Here I show you, how to fix a broken Xbox One controller stick module, without replacing the module.

Hope you understand everything, because my english isn´t very, well.

After my third controller broke down and I was really sick of
send every month a controller to Microsoft, I dissassembled my controller and tried to figured out what happend always to my left stick, because the problem was always the same.

I don´t know how durable this fix will be, because I could only test it about two weeks, yet. But until now it seems to be good and maybe I will try this on my next new controller, I think it avoid them for breaking, too.

What kind of problems fix this tutorial!?

Use this fix when your thumbstick, makes noises while moving/pressing down and isn´t stable

You will need:

- Torx screwdriver T8H + T6, or you can try it with a slot screwdriver

-Soldering Iron

-glue, I used superglue, but better is epoxy, thanks to the user msav, who can confirm that this makes the controller very durable

Step 1: Dissassemble the Controller

Start with dissassemble, the controller case.

Then desolder the wires from the rumble motors ( red and black wires), and from the rumble
motors in the triggers ( grey and black wires ). After that screw off the two screws shown in the 2nd picture, then you can remove the board carefully.

Step 2: Look Up the Broken Thumbstick

If you removed the board, look up your broken thumbstick. There must be a grey piece of plastic at one side of the stick module. It is on the left side of the module, if you look on the board from above, like shown in the first picture.

Step 3: Fix the Stick Module

When you locate that grey plastic piece, move the thumbstick a bit around and look if the grey plastic moves. When it moves or there is space between the grey plastic and the metal square, it must be fixed. I used superglue to fix it. You must put it in the space between the grey plastic and the metal, but be very carefully, if you use too much glue, it could be damage the button under the grey plastic, which is the button when you press the thumbstick down.

After that you can assemble the controller.

Step 4: Notes

*In stock the grey plastic is only clipped, but the clips are too small and the material too weak

*If there is no grey plastic piece, where it should be, look in the case of the controller, maybe it jumped off (This was the case in one controller from me)

*If the grey plastic is like it should and dont move, then you have got another problem with the controller

*If the button for pressing the thumbstick down, dont work after doing the fix, maybe you used too much glue and the button is sticked

Ok, hope it helps some people and hope that microsoft will edit the Xbox One Controller soon, I really like the controller but with this problems its really sick.

Good Luck and be carefull with the glue