Xbox to Media Center in Under 30 Minutes (Xbox Live Safe Too!)




Introduction: Xbox to Media Center in Under 30 Minutes (Xbox Live Safe Too!)

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This instructable will go over how to transform your stock XBox, into a multimedia monster. Ok, so it's not goinng to give you hd resolution video... but it can downsize that video for viewing on a standard 480 television! yay downsampling! This can be done for about 25 dollars. This allows you to play on xbox live without doing anything special. You only have to have the game disc in before the xbox boots, i will go into this in a later step.

Also, if I missed anything, please tell me, this is my first instructable, and i want this to be as in depth as possible.

I will not go over how to FTP or make the USB controller, you can find that elsewhere.

Step 1: Materials

You need only things you already have, and at most 25 buckaroonees for the game and memory card (who bought one anyway?).

Splinter Cell or 007: agent under fire or Original mechassault (not a special edition)

If you have an Action replay, or way to transfer save files onto xbox, then these materials are not needed.
USB modded Xbox controller
Action replay software. (free from the action replay site, i forgot where i got it...)

Save game exploit for game of your choice (i used Ndure softmod)

there are 2 ways of connection to xbox through xbox
2 straight-through ethernet cords

2 ethernet net ports on computer. (only one if not connected to internet)
crossover cable

With that done and out of the way, we move onto the first step!

Step 2: Set Up a Network.

You must first set up a network so you can transfer things to the xbox.

Type A:
1 router
2 straight-though ethernet cords.

1) Connect your internet cord to the uplink (optional, but necessary if you still want to connect to the internet, unless you connect through some other means)
2) Take the two cords, and place them in the router.
3) Place in the computer and Xbox.

Type B:

2 ethernet ports on computer (1 if not connecting to internet through an ethernet cord.)
1 cross-over cable (not a normal ethernet cable)

To do this you simply put the two ends of the crossover cable into the two devices.

Step 3: Download Exlpoit, and Get Onto Xbox

This step is probably the hardest. You must find the right exploit for your game, then transfer the files with the action replay onto the memory card through the modded controller.

Once the save files are on your xbox, you can move onto the next step! yay!

Step 4: Load Up Splinter Cell

Load up your desired game.

For splinter cell, simply press A 3 times once in the menu if you have no other saves.

Load up the Linux save, then click check points, and the magical screen will come up, and you can move onto the next step!

Step 5: Back Up Eeprom

Once the splinter cell mod is succesfully loaded, you will see a screen like the one below. A popup may also apear saying there is a new Unleash X available for download, do not worry about it.

We first need to backup the eeprom incase anything bad happens during installation, or you want to unmod it for whatever reason.

1) select "1st backup eeprom"
2) select "Backup eeprom" )This may not be present for you, I already had a copy since i just unmodded it for the purpose of this instructable.)
3) a popup will appear, read it, i have included a screen shot of it.
4) another window will popup telling you where the backup eeprom is located. it should be located in e:\backups\eeprom\backup\ Write down your location so you do not forget where it was placed.
5) it will then say loading RemoteX, this program is Evolution X, and will allow you to backup your eeprom.
6) Select backup eeprom, and it should say "Backing up :)"
7) Your done! Select "return to main menu"
8) move onto next step

Do not be alarmed by the red ring of light, that is normal.

Step 6: Install Softmod!

This part gets a bit confusing, but should be easy as I shall explain what is happening step-by-step.

1) select "Install Ndure softmod"
2) You will see 3 options. "Help! .06 or .67?" "nkpatcher.06" and nkpatcher.67" This part is slightly confusing but only important if you are planning on installing a larger harddrive than the original one included with the xbox. However, i will explain which option does what.

A stock XBox has an 8 gigabyte harddrive.

1-8 gigs located through random partitions, already decided. 8-? gigs will be on F

1-8 gigs located through random partitions, already decided. 8-137 gigs located on F, and the rest on a new partition, G.

If you are planning on installing a harddrive larger than 250 gigs, it's recomended you choose .67. However, harddrive swapping will not be covered in this instructable. If you're not going to mess with the harddrive, like most, it doesn't matter which patcher you choose. I just chose .06.

If you don't know what a partition is, look it up on wikipedia.

3) Your choice of 2 dashboards, Evolution X, or Unleash X. I chose Evolution, and that is what I will be using to show you how to go on. Though it shouldnt matter which you choose.

4)Your Harddrive should then be scanned for the proper files. Select ok, then another window will popup. Read it, and if you see an error screen (included below) then you know you didn't back up the eeprom, or don't have a high enough xbox dashboard. All this means is that you need to go get a copy of halo 2, or any new game, and your dashboard will be updated with the version included on that disc, and halo 2 has a high enough dash included to proceed.

5) The mods are now being installed. I will start to beep ALOT, do not worry about that, it is normal.

6) a screen will apear saying you can power your box off, and remove the game. We are about half-way done.

Proceed to the next step for further information!

Step 7: Finishing the Install

If you installed it properly you will come to a screen that looks like the ones before, but you can only see "press A"

A few more screens will come up, read them, do as they say.

When it says to copy the eeprom file to you computer, DO IT! do not press A, do not select ok, upload it to your computer while that screen is up. Nothing bad will happen if you do it later, but you won't ever forget to do it this way. Also, Copy the contents of C and E to your computer. This will save you game saves, and regular Xbox dashboard.

You should then boot into the Evolution X dashboard. Yay!

Next we will install additional components.

To learn to FTP, you can find other tutorials and help elsewhere.

Step 8: Install Xbox Media Center

First thing I need to say is that I can NOT tell you how or where to get this. I can give you a hint like IRC channels and torrent sites, but that is ALL I can say. Also, check this link

This will go through how to install XBMC once you have obtained it. This requires FTP know-how

1) It is a good idea to copy the folder E:\dashboard to somewhere on your computer. This contains the evolution X files needed to run evolution x incase we run into problems.

2) Delete those files after you have copied them. (Off the Xbox, not your computer.) Do not worry about the fact that Evolution X is running. The files are already in the cache and do not need the files on the harddrive. However, you should not go to any menus just incase.

3) This is where you copy the files used for XBMC to E:\dashboard Wait for this to finish, and you will be almost done!

4) Restart Xbox.

Step 9: Finishing Touchs

Now all you have to do is install the XBMC 360 skin. downladable from

Install that into E:\dashboard\skins

Then go to system > appearance > look and feel > skin > MC360

So, you're done. Just go through the different options and choose the options you want. It is suggested that you set a static IP in network, so you don't have to find the IP each time you want to FTP, it just stays the same.

If you would like more tutorials, go to for their xbox tutorials. They are very good, and can help get you more ways to use your xbox than just video and music.

Any questions should just be in the form of a comment.

Step 10: Connecting to Xbox Live

To start Xbox Live safe, just start with a disc in the tray. If you start with a disc in the tray the xbox never touches the other dashboard, and has no idea it's there since it only accesses the save files on E

The easiest way to make sure you are xbox live safe is to change your led color in the settings of XBMC. And when it's green, you are safe to go on live, anything else and you need to restart you xbox with a game in it.

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    duct tape
    duct tape

    12 years ago on Introduction

    xbox live for original xbox has been discontinued :cries:

    Neo X Alucard
    Neo X Alucard

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    XBC or Xlink Kai man, I was just playing Halo 2 multi-player with 8 other ppl.


    14 years ago on Step 3

    I have a BIG problem I tried the exploit from Mechassault but because I have the limited edition xbox crystal (I live in Canada) which apparently runs off a different version of lynx this won't work. Any ideas?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    only first versions of the 007 and MechAssault games work for the mod. all versions of Splinter Cell work


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    try forums they know more in depth about issues like the one you are having.


    Reply 13 years ago on Step 3

    You might need a m0d-ch1p for it to work.

    call me XJACOBX
    call me XJACOBX

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    i have a mod chip i'm anly doing this cuz i don't know how 2 work it

    call me XJACOBX
    call me XJACOBX

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    well i have to do it now i knocked 1 of the wires and no 1 will fix it!!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Ok well i'm going to just ignore the Halo trolls, and ask my question =/

    Instead of Media Center as the os, I wanted to use avalaunch, which has xbox media center integrated into it. I know it all has the same structure, but i might as well ask: can I install it the same way?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i have XBMC4Xbox installed as my dashboard.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    halo 2 is for the noobs halo 3 is for the non-noobs

    the tech head
    the tech head

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    dude what if you cant play that game, oh by the way this inst youtube this is a refined website if you have something bad to say dont say it please


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    halo 1 is for the non noobs (they have a flame thrower in it) halo 2 sucks (didnt improve on the game at all) halo 3 uhhhhhhh (marginally better than 2 but still nothing new)


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Flamethrower is for noobs, and so is halo.