Xenon Projector Upgrade.




Introduction: Xenon Projector Upgrade.

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Want to upgrade to xenon's bulbs or HID's?

Pic 1: You should have the right optics.

Pic 2: Or your car is going to look like this to oncoming traffic.

Pic 3: Xenon projectors tested with an LED Flashlight - No Glare

Skill Level: Intermediate

Parts: Morimoto Mini H1 Projectors
            Xenon Depot H1 Bulb & Ballast set
           USDM Projector style headlights
            two 3"x 4" PVC general purpose drain
            Stretch and seal tape

Step 1: Remove Headlights

Open hood
Remove grille (4 clips & 3 screws)
Remove headlights (3 Screws)

Step 2: Gather the Materials & Parts

Pic 1:
Two 3" x 4" General purpose PVC Drain
Stretch & Seal tape for waterproofing.

Pic 2:
I chose the drain as the diameter matched the original headlight housing perfectly.
Also, the top of the drain provided a flush mounting surface for the projector housings

Pic 3: Disassemble your headlight housings

Step 3: Making the Housing.

Pic 1:  The reason for choosing the general purpose drain was:
            PVC - can withstand temperature fluctuations
            The top of the drain provided a flush mounting surface for the projector housings
            I chose the drain as the diameter matched the original headlight housing perfectly.

Pic 2: Using a table saw cut the drain to height.
           (Take off 1mm of material every pass if using a table saw)
           You can also use a rotary tool or hand file.

Pic 3: Trim PVC piping to have a step.
           This allows the housing to fit within the front of the housing.

Pic 4: A look from inside.

Step 4: Cutting the PVC Drains to Size

Pic 1: After fitting the projector into the new PVC housing
           I had to reduce PVC Drain housing height
           This reduces the gap between projector and refractor

Pic 2: Took a few quick measurements and figured it out.

Pic 3: New lenses!

Pic 4: Broken tab.

Pic 5: Shaped a piece of aluminum to fit within tab area.

Pic 6: Bent the piece to fit into the broken tab area. (follow up with epoxy)

Pic 7: PVC Drains cut to size

Step 5: Mounting the Projector

Pic 1: Finally after another trimming, I find the right height.

Pic 2: Cut a circular disk that fits within the drain (to replace the original drain mesh)
           Use original mounting points for the drain mesh to mount the circular disk
           Drill a 1" hole to fit the projector housing in.

Pic 3 - Projector housing mounted

Pic 4: Click tabs were made to click fit the new housing into the original

Pic 5: The click tabs lock into the inner lip of the original housing

Pic 6: Loaded!

Pic 7: Finish the housing for the other side

Step 6:

Pic 1: Nice.... no glare.

Pic 2: Quick test indoors.

Pic 3: Done!!

Pic 4: Testing!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great write up, and very creative use of plumbing materials. I've been wanting to convert my motorcycle lights to projector for a while(currently an offender of HID bulbs in halogen housings) and I think I might do it this winter now that I've got a solid base to go off of.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    its nice. but the bad part is , its forbidden for using in cars in our country