Introduction: $75 Kitchen Facelift

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Every project always starts off small... then balloons.
In this case... My mom bought a full unit gas range/oven at her house.
We used to have an in counter electric range with no stove underneath.
The installer just used a sawsall, cut the edge of the counter off... and slid the new unit in.

Two problems: 
The edge of the counter was rough.
There was a 1/2" gap between the counter and new range.

The fix:
1 | Remove cabinet under the counter on the left side of the range.
2 | Clean cut counter edges with circular saw.
3 | Iron on melamine.
4 | Shift everything right. Reassemble... 

That was it.... that was the only thing I had to do...

Step 1: How It Ballooned.

Pic 1: So after ripping the edges

Pic 2: Reassembly.

Pic 3: Almost done.... just have to slid the cabinet under the counter!!!

Pic 4: All Done!!
           Then my sister makes a comment how we now had 2 ovens and 2 microwaves.
           ugghhhhh..... it really made no sense!!!
           and it was taking up soooo much space.

Step 2: Microwave & Oven Removal

Before you do anything...
Go downstairs to the circuit breaker and turn those fuses off.

Pic 1: Removing the door to the oven.

Pic 2: Emptied!

Step 3: Cabinet Re-org

After removing the Microwave/Oven Cabinet.

Pic 1: Shifting the long tall cabinet to the right.

Pic 2: By cutting the bottom two cabinets from underneath the Oven.
           I made a set of above Fridge cabinets!

Pic 3: Everything Back in place... Done right?... 
           Not quite.

Pic 4: If you have been looking closely... the cabinet doors have seen better days.
           On some of the more used panels the wicker faces started to peel off the base.

Step 4: Paint!

Pic 1 & 2: Remove all cabinet doors
                  Remove all handles
                  Mask wooden borders.
                  (I removed and sanded the doors with the wicker missing)

Pic 3: Lay down tarp.
           Start Painting!

Step 5: Done!

Commercial cabinet units are not that difficult to manipulate.
For the price of paint, brushes and a white board...
you can your give the kitchen a quick refresh without breaking the bank.

Pic 1: Fridge view

Pic 2: Overall.

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