Introduction: XtraCell Extra Large 9V Battery With 9V Compatible Snap

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9V batteries are part of an Arduino person's life, so...

I decided to make a large version of it.

This contains a snap so it's compatible with regular 9V batteries.

You will need:

12 AA batteries (or some different amount or type)

Copper tape


Scotch tape

Dead 9V battery

(Optional soldering iron and solder, wires too)

Flat "-" screwdriver and small plier.

Step 1: Get the Snap!

If you already have the snap found on top of a battery, go to the third step. If you don't...

Get a screwdriver(flat and small) and a plier.

And a dead 9V battery, too.

The 9V battery must be with a metal shell- those plastic AmazonBasics ones won't cut it.

There is a small seam in the metal. Use your screwdriver to make it bended.

Now the plier is able to reach it. Wriggle and pull, and you'll get the metal off.

Step 2: Separate the Snap!

Disregard the battery part- Mine is like that and I can't figure out why, but other batteries are like AAAA batteries. (Yes, with 4 A's)

Get the snap, pull off any paper, and separate it to a small bit of metal.

Step 3: Casing!

Of course, your batteries aren't going to hold themselves.

Using whatever battery you are using, (I'm using AA*12, 1.5V), Cut out a case with cardboard similar to the proportions of a 9V battery.

Remember that you have sides and top/bottom!

Step 4: Make the Connections!

If you don't have those battery boxes or fancy springs, use copper tape.

On the side with the flat connections, roll up and flatten the copper tape to make elevated connections.

Stick them on accordingly with your battery locations.

Do this for the other side too.

Step 5: Battery!

Stick on the two sides, and add the batteries in.

Remember to have copper tape coming out of the sides. Once done, pick a random side and add the snap. Remember that the pointy side of the batteries are the positive!

Refer to your 9V battery for snap info-

Now, cut cardboard the size of the base to stick onto the top.

(If you are like me and forgot about a top)

This is a 4.5V battery... Then, make another one of these without the snap and connect it in series(I forgot to do this), or you could have 6 batteries making 4.5V, then another 6 like that, then connect the two pairs in series.

Then, do whatever decorations you want!


You could use NiMH batteries- Rechargeable!

Further, you could use 18650 batteries, or Lithium ones.

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