Introduction: Y.A.I.A. - Yet Another Ipod Amp

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This is another iPod amp, but it uses an old computer speaker and a CDR Case.

Step 1: Parts


CDR case.
Vellema n 3w Amp : K8066
RadioShack 1/8" Panel Mount Jack: 274-249
RadioShack 4AA Holder: 270-383
RadioShack 9v Snap Connector: 270-324
RadioShack Minii Toggle: 275-624
RadioShack 12" Shielded stereo cable: 42-2497
470ohm resistor
4 Nuts/Bolts
Speaker from a set of computer speakers

Step 2: Build the Amp

Build the amp following the instructions that come with it. Its also a nice PDF is available from the velleman site.

Step 3: Cut the Bottom

Cut the post off the base of the CDR case.
Drill holes to mount the board
Drill two holes for the AA holder so you can secure it with a zip tie.

Step 4: Cut the Top

Cut the top of the case to fir the speaker and make four holes for the nuts to hold the speaker in place.

Step 5: Switches Etc...

drill three holes for your stereo jack, switch and LED.

So you might want to solder your power switches, led and stereo jack up now.

The case opens up so leave plenty of room to open and close it.

I used the resitor just soldered to the leg of the LED as shown here.

Step 6: Last Part

Now solder the switches/ jack /speaker to the board and make sure it works.

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