Introduction: Yankee Holiday Cheer Packages

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This year I sent out unique packages to Friends and Family, consisting of historic cookies from my region, to celebrate Tradition in the form of Cookie Love. Who doesn't love Cookies, and good stories to go along with them?

Read on to see how I created my Yankee Holiday Cheer Packages...

Step 1: The Historic Cookie Recipes

That's the collection of Instructables I made for the recipes of these cookies.

I made the batters over the course of a few evenings. When all were done/adequately chilled, I baked(and decorated/iced) over the next day or two and properly stored(essential!).

The preparation/purchase of fabrics, printing materials, packaging stuff(boxes, tags, ribbons, etc) was made throughout the week.

The morning everything was finally prepped and readied for the assembly line(various approaches were conceived and entertained in my mind before I settled upon my final method), the cookie install and packaging for eight boxes was a time investment of about seven hours(I finally got to the Post Office around 3:30).

Total time and cost for entire project: Not Saying. : ) It was Fun and Priceless, and also made Other People happy(very important).

Christmas music in the background(or in headphones if certain Grinch was around) was a staple in all of above processes. : D

Step 2: Gather and Assemble Boxes

1. I gathered 8 medium flat rate boxes from the Post Office. I tried to prepay the shipping rate for each(13.60) but they needed specific addresses(which I didn't have with me) so I just left with the boxes.

2. As I assembled each flat box into 3-Dimensional form I discovered the seamed corner tended to come unglued, so taped that up, along with the bottom flaps.

3. All boxes with bottoms(and corners) taped and secured. ( If your shipping tape cutter is not broken, you won't need scissors... : P )

4. Attractive red tins(9" x 9") and filler paper to crumple to keep inner tin cozy and tight within box.

Step 3: Packaging Materials

1. Tissue Paper(lots of it, in varying colors), napkins, twines, stickers, tags(actually, I didn't use the snowman as it was covered in glitter, and glitter is the devil, so naturally I did not want them in my Angelic package). : )

2. Unique fabrics to accompany the theme of (some of) the cookies. Most were pinked or serged in circle shapes, about 9" in diameter.

3. Tie types used: Jute twine, Kitchen string, Baker's Twine(red & white)

4. Kraft paper, cut with decorative blade scissors. (Made WAY more than I needed)

5. Everything tossed into each box.

Step 4: Creating and Printing Cookie Descriptions, Tags

I wanted to include the story for each cookie, so copied and pasted the respective stories into an Office program, to edit a bit, and printed out on Resume paper(it has a nice yellowish tone, and I have a box of it).

Step 5: Preparing the Tins

1. The tin and tissue paper. I thought gold and white would be lovely, so purchased 2 packages of each.

2. All the tins ready for stuffing with tissue paper.

3. Layering the two colors of tissue.

4. Folded over and pushed off to make room for wrapping the cookies.

5. Waxed paper and tape ready for the next job at hand...

Step 6: Start Wrapping Cookies!

1. Opened tins of "The First American Cookey".

2. Two cookies wrapped with waxed paper and tape.

3. Fabric, cookie story, and twine wrapped around cookies to create lovely package.

4. First package placed into tin - so exciting!

5. Repeated and placed into all 8 tins.

Step 7: More Cookie Wrapping

1. Second cookie - Joe Froggers

2. Third cookie, Original Hermits... oh, they smell so good!

3. Wrapped up, ready to be nestled next to the other cookies.

4. First three cookies in tins.

5. Fourth cookie, Lumberjack, replete with red and black flannel. : D

6. Finished package of Lumberjack bundle.

7. Tins filling up with a variety of textures!

Step 8: Finishing Up the Cookie Wrapping

1. Toll House cookies!

2. Wrapped with kraft paper, story, and kitchen twine.

3. Tucked into each of 8 tins.

4. The last cookie of the package, Fanny Farmer cookies.

5. A feminine touch, vintage lace with Baker's twine.

6. Nestled into the corner - I really like the variety of colors and textures.

Step 9: Finalize Presentation, Close Up Tin and Box

1. Added some poinsettia napkins.

2. Vintage, personalized printouts laid on top.

3. Cover tin. If it doesn't fit snug or stay closed, a thin piece of waxed paper fitted between will ensure a snug seal. This will help keep cookies fresh! Crumple tissue or paper on top of tin to keep it down and snug after closing into box.

4. Tape up box securely with packing tape and make a notation of who the box is intended for.

Step 10: Ready Boxes for Post Office

1. All stacked up, ready for the address labels and lots of holiday stickers.

2. Address labels taped on, and boxes replete with stickers, everywhere. : )

3. Pulled on boots, cash and car keys in hand.

4. Divided into a tote bag and plastic bin for ease of bringing into car and Post Office.

There was not much wait at my rural Post Office. Eight packages took about 10-12 minutes for the whole transaction. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, know that people will appreciate and enjoy your efforts!

(Now head back home and clean up your messes and reward yourself with a nice drink.)

: )


~ Cynthia

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