Introduction: Yard Debris Bin Sawbuck

I hand saw a lot of branches over my yard debris bin for recycling. I was frustrated by limbs sliding and was concerned about cutting and damaging the bin. I needed a sawbuck that I could fit to or over the yard debris bin.


Saw (recommend Corona Folding Saw,), Hammer/Axe, Drill w/ 3/4" bit (or peg size)

Step 1: Choose Your Crossbar

  1. Cut a 2-1/2 " round stock to about the width of the yard debris bin. I thought about using a 2x4, but the shape of round stock makes it fit the hinge space really well and was immediately available.
  2. Check the round stock for (best) fit. My stock was slightly curved and the best fit was for the curve facing back (supported by the hinge 'pin').

Step 2: Drill & Hammer Pegs

  1. I selected a branch slightly over 3/4" in diameter for my pegs, and drilled two 3/4" holes, about half way into the base just inside the yard debris bin hinges, angled slightly back. This will keep the sawbuck from sliding off the bin.
  2. The pegs started out about 6" long, with the intent on trimming them later.
  3. Hammer the pegs into the holes. The bark will shred back to make a tight fit.

Step 3: Trim Pegs and Cut Top Grooves

  1. Trim/shorten the pegs to clear the lid if necessary.
  2. Cut a groove angle or two in the cross bar to help hold branches in place.