Introduction: Yellow Illusion (imitating Felice Varini)

So, it turned out that we collected several things in one place:

Abandoned boiler room

Stepladder ladder

Old water dispersion paint

Yellow tinting paste

Chalk for marking

Ruler or small flat bar 1,5-2m

Paint brushes and paint cans



Some cardboard

Half day free time

Rags to maintain cleanliness

In short, enough things to try to repeat the illusion of Felice Vapini

A simplified version, of course.

And at least two people.

Step 1: Attention!

If you work in an old building, first of all make sure that nothing falls on you. Take care of yourself.

Pay special attention to your safety.

Step 2: Draw Boundaries

It was decided to draw a triangle.

The maestro uses a projector for marking,

Alas, we are deprived of this opportunity.

Therefore, we make the device.

It consists of cardboard with a triangular hole and an emphasis.

All this is fixed on a tripod with adhesive tape.

The idea is that we can look from a fixed point through a triangular notch. By combining the borders of the stencil and the wall, you specify where to place the marking points.

Step 3:

You command your partner, “left-right”, “higher-lower” until the chalk in the partner’s hand is in line with the stencil border.

Step 4: Paint Over

After applying the markup can be painted.

Prepare the paint in a volume sufficient for all works, the color should not differ.

The process can be controlled by snapshots. This is more convenient than using our improvised device.

It is necessary to photograph from a point located in front of the stencil.

It must be something like this.

Step 5: The End

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