Introduction: Yet Another K'nex Gun (this Ones for the Contest)

This used to be the smallest k'nex gun posted on this site and it uses only 16 pieces!

Step 1: What You Need.

4 yellow
4 orange
2 one sided dark gray

3 short white
1 blue
1 yellow

6 size 32 rubberbands
2 blue spacers

Step 2: Make Barrel and Trigger

Just folow the picture.

Step 3: Make Handle.

Again just follow the picture.

Step 4: Make Hammer.

Just follow the picture again.

Step 5: Join Together.

Follow the picture again.

Step 6: Loading

Pull back hammer then put the trigger in front of the hammer.
Put any sized rod in the front of the barrel.
then push the white rod on the trigger toward the handle and
BLAM the rod fires out of the barrel. (Well DUH!)