YouTube Marketing Hack

Introduction: YouTube Marketing Hack

YouTube is currently the biggest platform for hosting your personal videos. You can imagine the popularity of the platform from the instance that about 24 hours of videos are being uploaded to YouTube every minute.

More than the popularity, it is a top spot for marketers and digital product owners to market their products and services and gain popularity through the platform.

Consider a small blogger to a big hot-shot brand, everybody is taking the help of YouTube to generate more leads for their products.

Well, this post is specially meant for anyone and everyone who want to start their own YouTube channel or who want to market their products in front of a global audience.

In this instructable, I will be sharing some of the coolest hacks to market your product on YouTube like a pro.

You know the best part about YouTube, it has got really targeted traffic like the Google search engine. However, it is typically easy to market your brand on YouTube instead of Google.

So let's say, you are selling a product or a service and you want to market your product to generate more leads. Also, you have a fixed budget for the gig and you just want to test how your services or products will do in the market.

Following the above case, most of the people would think about Facebook. Although, they do not understand that you can market only certain type of products on Facebook, for example, health products, digital services etc. Consider products like woodworking, adult health etc which are either restricted or don't cater to the audience appeal.

YouTube, on the other hand, is the search engine for videos. You can find any type of video on YouTube and it becomes relatively easy to promote your brand on it.

So, let's begin with a small checklist which will make you a Pro YouTube Marketer.

1) Channel name: Your channel name is a major factor in deciding the success factor of your promotions. You should keep the channel name which is relevant and matches the context of your product or services that you intend to offer through the platform.

2) Channel Trailer: The YouTube channel trailer is a small and descriptive video which the user sees when they land up on your YouTube channel. You can use live models if you a have a decent budget or, you can make an interesting animated video intro for your channel. You can use free as well as paid YouTube Intro Maker platforms to design stunning intro videos for your channel.

3) Content Deliverability: Content delivery should be very strong and apt. I would suggest to hire a professional anchor or get your transcript from Fiverr gig. The audio should be clear and crisp. This is a major point to make the audience get an idea of your service.

4) Social Engagement: This is supposed to be the major task of the whole process. You should share the video on your social media platforms with a specific call to action. The best strategy to start the game is by using giveaways. Giveaways attract the crowd and help your service to gain more viewability.

That's it! This is a simple checklist following which, you can market your products and services on YouTube like a pro.

Do share your views in the comment section below.

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