Introduction: Yummy MarshMallow Cups

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It's really Simple to make Gooey Delicious Goodness the marshmallowy heaven that is a mallow cup Yummy

You will need :

Cupcake Papers   {Cupcake Pans Optional } 
Double Boiler or Microwave
Small Spoon {like a baby feeding spoon}
Butter Knife


Bakers Chocolate chips  {24 oz} package
Marshmallow Fluff            { 7 oz } Jar
Milk or Soy Milk                  { 1/8  }  Cup
Milk is Actually Optional i used it because the bakers Chocolate would not melt well without it in a double boiler for some reason .

Here we go i Hope you Enjoy !

Step 1: Stuff

The Goodies Simple and sweet ...

Step 2: Melt Your Chocolate

I used the whole 24 oz Remember you gotta cover them with Chocolate too so about half went to the bottom and half to the top
I did use 1/8 cup of Milk Because my chocolate wouldn't melt to my satisfaction .

Step 3: Fill the Bottom

I used the Baby spoon to put a small dimple in the bottom of the cup before the chocolate set up .Just fill the cups across the bottom and spread out the chocolate set to the side and start the next set of cups.

Step 4: Marshmallow Gooiness

Here's where the baby spoon and the butter knife come in the marshmallow is super gooey sticky so dollop some off the spoon with the butter knife until it's in the center of the cup .

Step 5: To Finish

Now Cover your Cups with the remaining chocolate and set in the fridge for 30 minutes YOUR DONE i love mallow cups and these are easy to build ......


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