Introduction: Yummy Watermelon Pincushion

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Do you find yourself searching for needles, pins and stitch markers while in the middle of a project? ....Come ...lets make the searching thing easy on us!!!!.......The best option....PINCUSHIONS.......yes..Pincushions are perfect for holding pins and needles so that you can get them easily when you need them and I do believe it is a must have for any needle crafter.

Pincushions can be made of any fabric, felt or in this case yarn. They are typically filled tightly with stuffing, so as to hold your pins in place.For this pincushion I have used fiber fill.You can use bits of scrap yarn, bits of fabric or cotton.

Watermelon has always been one of my favorite foods. Hence it has also been a cute source of inspiration for some of my projects.So I decided to make yet another of my favorite fruit inspired project and came up with this Watermelon Pincushion.

These can be made well in under an hour and are simple and easy to but make. Use them for yourself or these would be a perfect gift for any of your craft lover friend or loved ones.

Materials Used:-


Step 1:

Round 1:-

Start with a magic circle with the Red Yarn.

Step 2:

Make 12 Double Crochet in the circle. Pull the loose end to close the gap.Make sure to pull it tight.Start Each Round with a Standing Double Crochet.

Step 3:

Round 2:-

Make 2 Double Crochet in each stitch around.(24)Slip stitch at end to join.

Step 4:

Round 3:-

Change to Green Yarn*DC1, 2DC* in next stitch(36) Slip stitch at end to join. Repeat from * to *.

Make two of them.

Step 5:

Now, with your Red Yarn ,join both of them with Single Crochets or you can use Slip Stitches.

Step 6:

Once you are half way through, its time to fill it up with the stuffing.

Step 7:

Fill it up tightly and weave in the ends.

Step 8:

......And.... you are ready with your Pincushion.

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