Yut Nori Game

Introduction: Yut Nori Game

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The Yut Nori or yunori is a korean traditional game which is very much like a ludo game. It's fun to play, much more interresting to play than many local counterparts (for example "petits chevaux" that are played in France and that are pretty dull).

This is a pretty simple project. The only difficulty is to draw crosses on the half-cylindrical sticks.

Step 1: Drawing the Bord and Making a Box

Nothing complicated there. I used a laser cutter for both operations.

Step 2: Making the Crosses on the Sticks

I used a mitre box to make correct crosses. I draw three point to make crossed saw cuts. The second piece of wood was used to try to make every cut identical.

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    4 years ago

    Playing instructions? Even just a link to them.


    Reply 4 years ago

    The rules are in the wikipedia article in the link in the begining of the text.

    Here's a video about how to play :