Introduction: Zip Tie Bird Toy

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A zip tie toy perfect for any parrot. Parrots love taking apart toys and getting into things. For some reason my parrots love to chew (and destroy) zip ties.

For this project you will need:

-a chain
-a ball with holes or a plastic ring (for this instructable I will be using a plastic treat ball)
-a good handful of zip ties
-optional, other things to add onto the chain

Step 1: Chain and Toy Base

First we will need to find the base of the toy - the part that will hold the zip ties. In this instructable I am using a plastic ball that is used to house treats. However you can use a ball with holes, a ring, anything that the zip ties can be placed.

It is easiest to add the chain first as you will be coving the toy in zip ties. The chain that I have was purchased at a local pet shop. You can buy a chain like this at any hardware store. Make sure the chain is clean!

You can clean a chain with either diluted bleach or vinegar.

Make sure that the chain is sturdy in case your pesky parrot can open up links.

Using a large jump ring, attach the chain to the ball or ring. Since my ball can open, I am using the jump ring as a stop as it cannot go through the hole at the top of the ball.

Step 2: Optional Step

At this point you can slide on any other items on the chain. Anything that can be chewed (I have leather squares) or coloured can be used. It is best to get these items at a pet store so you know that it is clean and safe.

Step 3: Zip Tie That Sucker

Now the fun part! Add zip ties to where ever you want: on the chain, through holes, etc. If you can find them, coloured zip ties add an extra fun factor to the parrot. My parrot likes green so naturally green things are destroyed first. I don't have many zip ties on my toy as I am placing it in the corner of his cage.

Step 4: Attach to Cage

Attach the chain to somewhere in the cage. You can use a C-clip, however due to one of my parrots opening up the clips, I now zip tie things to the cage. Make sure that the zip tie is tight and on the outside of the cage so that the parrot doesn't chew off the toy.

Step 5: Watch the Fun

Sit back and watch your parrot explore the toy. Tip: it is always a good idea to see how your parrot interacts with the toy so that you can spot hazards quickly.

For an added bonus you can zip tie straws to the toy. Like the zip tie, the parrots love the plastic of a straw.
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