Introduction: Ziplock Bag Hangers, Great for Smaple Fillament Bags.

I have so many sample filaments from Maker Box in ziplock bags I had to make a way so I could look through them all without going a little crazy, some I forgot I had.

Maker Box is a great service for getting samples of amazing new filaments without the expense of buying full filament spools. Maker Box provides discount codes or bulk buys with other members to get you great discounts on spools of filaments or products for your 3D-printer.

Ok, this project; I looked for some type of bag hanger but hit nothing that would work without having to change bags, so I designed this from other projects from Thingiverse.

Step 1: You Will Need a 3D-Printer

As you can see from the photos this is a hanger with a snap clip on the bottom.

The hanger snap clip is placed under one of the flaps of the ziplock bag.

Then the snap ring (same orientation as it prints) on the other side of the same flap then with some force the ring is pushed down on to the snap clip. I have added to the Thingiverse project a printable tool to help to install the snap ring, after doing 68 of these my fingers hurt a little.

The files provided on my Thingiverse project page has the print file setup to print two at a time. See that page for the files to download.

This hanger works the best when printed with PETG filament, PLA/PLA+ is too brittle and the small clips will break off when installing the clip ring.

Ziplock bag hangers, great for filament samples!