Introduction: ZIPPO TRICK: Magic Smack

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#2 Knee hit and light

Step 1: How to Begin

Hold lighter by the cap with hand facing down and hinge to the left or right depending on which hand you use.

Step 2: The Flip

Unable sure that you have a nice grip on the cap so that when you flip it up the zippo will not come flying out of your hand.. Turn hand upside down so that the casing opens, exposing the flint and lighter... Stilling griping cap..... Fingers should be pointed up, lighter should be opened

Step 3: Re-grip

Slightly loosen grip so that you can position your hand parallel to the floor and lighter can fall into the circular opening in between your fingers.... Quickly retighten your grip on the cap so that the lighter does not fall to far into your hand

Step 4: Push

You may need to let the lighter slide down a little bit further in order for this to work Make sure that the flint wheel is up against the inside of your hand so that when you hit the bottom of the lighter it will roll, spark and light

Step 5: Lighting

I prefer to use my knee but just about any surface will work.... Smack the end of your lighter on a surface to push the rest of the lighter back through the opening between your fingers.... While being pushed through that opening the flint should roll and spark the wick.... Lighting your fire

Step 6: Finish

Snap the lighter shut anyway you can.... CONGRATULATIONS YOU CAN NOW DO THE TRICK