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Introduction: Zoe the Paleozoic (teddy Ammonite)

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Hello, my friend.

Today I want to introduce you a pretty lady, Zoe. Zoe the Paleozoic. She is a plush logarithmic spiral with thoughtful glance and eight tentacles. I've made her using two old t-shirts I was pitifully to throw out. Surprisingly it took whole day to calculate spiral parts and make pattern, but at the end it was exactly what It should be.

This is my first instructable, so be indulgent. Also English is not my native language, apologizez.

Step 1: All You Need Is...

First of all, watch the video and decide if you really want to do this (video is 100 times faster then real process, so it's not immediate 8))

If you do, download the blueprint and make patterns. In the blueprint spiral has 17 sections, but, as you can see, all of them are the same (except tail), and each bigger section come out from smaller one with scale factor 1.086, so you can make as much turns of a spiral as you want.

Also you can romp with shape, length and number of tentacles.

To make the ammonite, you need, obviously, fabric (not too rigid), threads, needle, pins, holofiber (or another stuffing material), scissors, and it's very good idea to use sewing machine. Also you need patterns and something to draw on the fabric.

I'm not a dressmaker and I don't know sewing tricks and hacks, but even me could do this.

Let's go!

Step 2: Body

Take patterns B0, B1, ..., B17. Attach them to fabric using pins. Encircle (or trace?) them. Then remove patterns and cut out parts with 0.5 to 1 cm excess (allowance?).

Sew part B16 to B17, B15 to B16, ... B0 to B1 as shown on blueprint. I've used pins to connect parts along sewing line before sewing. But you can also... baste? tack? them together.

Sew part H0 to B0.

When it finished, sew opposite sides of each part together to form a cone. It's more handy to begin from the tail.

Turn inside-out tail and narrow part of the body, because it's tricky and better to do it on this step.

As it's done, this step is finished.

Step 3: Head

The most tricky in making head is to sew tentacles. The best way is to sew them before cutting out.

Take two pieces of fabric, lay one above another. Trace pattern H1 to upper fabric, then connect both layers with pins along tentacles sewing lines.

Sew tentacles contour (do not sew along lines marked with "Sew to make cyllinder").

Sew little triangles between tentacles (marked with "Sew H1 to H2 here"). You may not to do this, but they make ammonite's head more organic. Also you can to them wider or longer.

Cut out H1 and H2. Time to make eyes.

Cut out E2 and E3. Sew pupils E0 and E1 to eyeballs E2 and E3. It's more handy to sew E0 and E1 before cut out.

Sew E2 and E3 corners (the excess of fabric in corners should be on the side opposite to the side, where E0 and E1 attached).

Sew E2 and E3 to H1.

Sew together appropriative edges on H1 and H2, to form a head. Then you may need to sew inside H2 to shape the ammonite's mouth.

It's good idea to partially turn inside-out tentacles on this step.

That's it!

Step 4: Assembly

Now sew H0 to H1, but not completely. Leave some space to turn inside-out and stuff with holofiber.

Turn inside-out. Stuff ammonite, use stick to stuff tail and tentacles. Then sew hole.

Now take your most beautiful thread and sew edge N1 to part B0 as shown on photo.

You can stop now if you want to use ammonite as a neckerchief. If not, sew spiral beginning from the tail. Seam on the tail should be continuous, but then you can bake several stitches for each section.

Congratulations! If everything is correct, now you have wired toy to be happy with.

Thank you and good bye!

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8 Discussions


2 years ago

At last a lovely soft toy of a special kind. That was lots of work, handstitching Zoe and it turned out really neat..


Question 2 years ago on Step 4

i cant open the pattern file, which program opens the dxf file? best regards mikael


Tip 2 years ago

Have you considered sewing magnets or velcro to the inside of the spiral so it will roll back up nicely without having to be permanantly sewn? Love the build btw, so cute!

DIY Hacks and How Tos

These look like a lot of fun. I hope you will share more projects like this.


Reply 2 years ago

Thank you!


2 years ago

Perfect. 'Cause i've always wanted to sleep with a creepy tentacle-ed stuffed creature from the depths of the nightmarish deep.....



Reply 2 years ago

It was another one, cockchafer's larva, but it was several years ago, It was a gift for a girl and I didn't make patterns.