Introduction: Nikodim - 'I Am NOT a Shrimp!'

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Hello, my friend.

I am glad to introduce you my old buddy Nikodim. He is [ 'I am NOT a shrimp!' (Nikodim) ]... I know you're not, please don't interrupt me, thank you. ['...' (Nikodim)]. So, he is the one who usually identified as a shrimp, and it doesn't hurt ones psyche while it's uknown that he is actually a cockchafer's larva. But he is cute. Cute and taugh (because he made of furniture textile). So taugh that he can work in a centre of additional children education in Russia and stay alive. So cute that he has his own instagram (@trud_krut).

I made him in 2011, thats why there are no original patterns or 'how it's made' videos left. But I've reverse-engineered him and happy to share obtained patterns and give an instructable.

Now, my friend, if you crazy enough to create your own plush larva, let's go!

Step 1: Patterns

Or blueprints. Since someone had difficulties with *.dxf format, additional IGES file provided. Now someone is free to have difficulties with *.igs format also.

Step 2: Cutting and Sewing

Nikodim project is not as complicated as Zoe so it seems needless to divide it into several steps. I'll try to shove all in one.

First you should cut all parts and leave 1 cm excess. Nikodim has body (B0, B1, B2, B3 parts), head (H0 part), claws (C parts) and immortal soul (drawn with invisible inks).

1. Sew six claws. Each consist of 2 parts (С11 to C12, C21 to C22, C31 to C32, then repeat once more). Leave butt of each claw opened (orange dotted line on blueprint). Use it to stuff claws with stuff material (I used foam rubber, hollow fiber can also be used).

2. Sew three of claws to B0 and three of them to B1 as shown. Be sure that you sew correct: butts of claws should be inside body at the end.

3. Sew stomach part (B3) to B0 and B1 (D mark). Stomach should be sewed between S0 and S2 marks. When it's attached, sew four A lines (black dotted lines) to make deep wrinkles on stomach. Wrinkles are shown on images.

4. Sew spine part B2 to B0, B1 and B3 between marks S1 and S2 (the gap between S0 and S1 left for stuffing and head attaching)

5. Make small wrinkles along body, sewing small spans (about 0.5 cm) with several stitches in points marked with orange dotted circles. Approximately. Wrinkles are shown on images. Be sure to use strong thread for this.

6. Sew eyes to head. Make any eyes you like, I choose buttons.

7. Sew head, but left unsewed area around mouth (M) for stuffing and attaching to body.

8. Sew head to body. The position of head on blueprint is approximate, so it's up to your taste.

9. Stuff head and body and sew openings.

10. Voila!

Step 3: Photobooth

Nikodim asked me to publish his everyday labour photos.