Introduction: Zombie Fairies

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So I thought; not everybody has the space for a full-size graveyard full of human zombies, so why not start small and grow a zombie fairy in a plant-pot?

Make a few sets, and you can plant them in your neighbours' window boxes, office plant-pots, or in front of the local faerie doors...

Step 1: What You Need

For those with a laser cutter, I have included files to cut the gravestone out of 3mm plywood, and the hands out of thick card (I used some packaging from an Amazon delivery).

If you don't have a laser cutter, I have also included a PDF version so you can cut your own from whatever you want.

You will also need something to treat the card and wood to extend its life in damp conditions. I used Dutch Oil on the wood, and PVA (wood) glue on the card.

For those of you who are interested in these things, the design of the gravestone is made up of features from real gravestones, except for the fairy wings, which are modelled on Tinkerbell's...

Step 2: Cut Them Out.


That's it. Laser, sharp things, whatever...

Step 3: Shape the Hands

The hands need to be shaped into the classic emerging undead claw position.

It is quite easy to do - press your fingernail into each finger three times, once at each knuckle, then press the fingers into a shape you find pleasing.

Depending on the card you've used, you may need to colour them - paint, crayons, markers, all will work.

Step 4: Preserve the Dead

If you want your display to last more than a couple of days in damp conditions, you'll need to preserve it.

You could use varnish, or soak the card in superglue, but I treated the plywood with Dutch Oil, and painted the card with PVA glue (either white craft glue, or wood glue, they're the same stuff).

Make sure it all dries before setting up your display.

Step 5: Bring Out Your Dead!

Once the parts are ready, off you go.

If you're in a rush (is zombie bombing a thing?), just stab the pieces into the soil and rush off.

If you have a few moments, scrape the soil up into a long-ish mound in front of the gravestone, with maybe a crater where the hands have burst out...

I would love to see your versions of this idea - if you make one, add a photo in the comments below.

Oh, and if you want to expand the experience, you can always add a coffin...

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