Zombify on Pixlr

Introduction: Zombify on Pixlr

About: im new to instructables so im trying to learn some stuff i can share that ive learnedi like longboarding cardistry magic and computer.

this is a simple yet very effective manipulation. any input is welcome.

Step 1:

first step is the set up witch is extremely fast. first upload a picture. (I'm using a picture of my little sister.) then go ahead and click that button on the bottom left hand corner and set up is done.

Step 2: Dead Skin!!

OK select the lasso tool, select witch ever u prefer. I prefer the polygon because importunately pixlr doesn't have the magnetic lasso tool like Photoshop. :-( anyway make sure u select ONLY the skin the best u can maybe a little hair is OK. then click on the Adjustments tab, then the hue and saturation tool. then just kinda play with the settings until u think u got some dead looking skin. repeat if u got arms in the pic to.

Step 3: Eaten Away Face

OK you going to need a picture of a skull. minimize the picture. select the Marque tool, then select the entire picture. unlock the layer. Then then select the move tool then drag and drop it onto the original picture. then exit out of the skull picture. then maximize the original picture. lower the opacity of the skull layer. then press Ctrl+T. then turn it morf it anything to make it fit perfectly as possibly over the face. click on any tool and the following box will show up and then click yes. select the eraser tool, ill use a size 100 hundred fuzzy round point. first erase all around the skull then get rid of the extra on the head so u should only have a skull across the skin of your face. put the opacity back to 100.then erase just certain areas to give it the eaten away look

Step 4: Dead-er Skin

ok were going to start by uploading a picture from google images. just type in cracked desert texture then pic one. then do the same thing u did to the skull picture to put it on the original. now press Ctrl+T stretch out across the hole picture like so. then click on the mode selection then scroll down then click on overlay then erase all the way around it except the skin.

Step 5: Last Touches (optional)

ok u can either color the eye or get rid of the eye over all ill show u both.either way u have to start by erasing around the eye. to get rid of the eye over all is simple. select the lasso tool then outline just the eye. make sure that the original picture layer is selected.then just erase wuts inside the selection. then press Ctrl+D. Now the other thing u can do is color the eyes and to do that that is also really easy. make sure your texture layer is selected its important that it is. because that layer is already overlayed all u need to do is take the paint brush and click on that big-ish black box then pick a color, then just color over it. you dont have to use whit u can use really any other color u want.

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